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Hi, I'm Shanterria.

A little over a decade ago it felt like stress, burnout, and frustration were my best friends.

I was pouring everything I could muster into my failing travel business, while trying to balance my demanding day job, but it felt like nothing was working. Instead, I was getting lackluster results, inconsistent revenue, and trips that I just couldn’t seem to sell out.

I even reached out to other seasoned travel industry professionals for help, but no one would. It seemed like everyone I looked up to was either too busy or too tight-lipped to lend a helping hand.

I was even flirting with the idea of calling it quits, because with each passing day, it felt like building a successful travel business was an unrealistic dream.

But I knew the vision I was given had to be fulfilled! I also knew that hosting unforgettable, luxurious travel experiences was my calling.

Does this sound like where you are right now?

What I Did Next

I bought tons of marketing courses, attended travel conferences, implemented everything I learned, created systems and processes... and after years of hard work, my travel business gained momentum and turned a corner. I started to sell out my domestic and international trips consistently. I even had a waiting list!

I had finally unlocked the secrets to building a successful travel business in an industry where most people don’t experience much longevity.

But I need to be honest with you…

It shouldn’t have taken me this long to generate 7 figures in revenue annually, to sell out all my trips consistently, to create waiting lists for those trips, or even to automate and make my business work for me - instead of me working so hard for the business all the time.

What I really missed is the guidance, support and accountability that can only come from someone who truly understands the travel industry.

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That's why I'm peeling back the curtain and showing you exactly how I built my 7 figure travel business, so you can do the same!


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You just need 4 key things to succeed in this industry:

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I’m on a mission to provide you with all four, so you can pursue your passion, generate profits and create a business that works for you - not the other way around.

Let me help you achieve success much faster than I did!

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Are You Ready to Take Your Travel Business to the Next Level?


Yes, I'm Ready!