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Get Yourself on the Fast Track to Travel Agency Success


You are a new travel agent. Congratulations!

Now, do you know what it really takes to get your brand on its feet? How prepared are you to face the challenges ahead and be victorious? 

Research says that new travel agencies often fold within a year of establishment, but I’ve got great news – that doesn’t have to happen to you! 

Within a year, your travel agency can be a stand out! If you can master the basics and get access to an expert to help you get on the right path from the start, you will be able to compete easily with people who have spent years in the travel business.

Let me tell you this from experience -- winging it is never the way to start a new agency!  

You are invited to join me and make 2020 an amazing year for your travel business!

When starting up as a new travel agent, you need to have someone who is well-grounded and successful in the industry to guide you and keep you from making embarrassing, time-consuming, and costly mistakes. Someone who can show you the right way to do things… and help you steer clear of the wrong ways, too.

This is precisely what I would like to do for you in The Startup Society for Travel Agents. Imagine looking back one year from now and seeing your progress and accomplishments.

You can do this! Stick with me, and I’ll help you turn your business vision into reality.

What is The Startup Society for Travel Agents?

The Startup Society is a Mentor Membership for Travel Agents. On our Monthly Group Coaching Calls, you will be trained on everything it takes to build a solid foundation for your travel agency, so you can wow your clients with a fantastic travel experience!

This comprehensive Mentorship Program will teach you how to:

  • Develop a winning business mindset
  • Identify your goals and use them to move you forward
  • Create your brand identity
  • Work with your target audience to give them what they want
  • Understand the financials & fundamentals of taking your business online
  • Build an organic email list with email marketing
  • Market your travel business with powerful content
  • And so much more!

There is so much to learn.

Don't you want to learn from someone who has been down this road before? I've found the path to success and I'm ready to light the way for you, too!

Listen... I had a failing travel agency, and sometimes it seemed like I wouldn’t be able to fulfill my dreams. It took a lot of dedication and mistakes to get it right finally. Today, my travel agency is a renowned brand that brings in seven figures annually!

I spent so much time struggling before I made my way to success, and that doesn’t have to be the case. What I was missing was someone who would act as my guide and mentor. To have a place where I could ask my questions and get the motivation and support I needed when I was first starting out.

Now is the perfect time for you to get it all right, because you are in the initial stages of setting up your Travel Agency. This Mentor Program will prevent you from taking the longer route to fix startup mistakes, because I will help you every step of the way!

When you join The Startup Society for Mentor Program Travel Agents, you will get:

  • MENTORING & ADVICE: Have more questions? I’m here for you.
  • KNOWLEDGE: Learn what you need to know to become a specialized consultant in the travel business.
  • COACHING: Personalized coaching services with someone who knows exactly what you’re going through.
  • SUPPORT: A private community of Travel Agents like you, with me as your fearless leader.

Are you ready to start your travel agency the right way and give yourself a huge advantage from the get-go?


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I have successfully grown my travel business, Travel Divas®, to a multi-million dollar travel company for the last 4 years. The first quarter of 2019, I had over $1.3 million dollars in sales. The most confusing part of starting a travel business is what to focus on, creating strategy, and building momentum. Stop trying to piece together all these things you are reading on the internet. Let me give you a true, proven framework that creates a massive audience and helps you make some serious money. Let's get you focused and on the path to a successful travel business.

Shanterria Earley, Founder of Travel Divas®


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