Monthly Mentorship Program for Advanced Travel Agents



You have been focusing on building your business, and now you are an established Travel Agent with happy clients and a steady monthly income. Congratulations! 

I know from experience how much hard work it takes to get where you are now. I sincerely honor your accomplishment.

I bet you've had to make some sacrifices, too. You've spent extra time on your business... time away from family and your personal life, but you knew it was worth it and you made it happen. You've put the effort in, and it shows! 

Now, my question for you is...

Do you have the support and knowledge you need to take your business to the next level?

I was a Travel Agent in your position, and I've been thinking about that time in my business and what would have really helped me. What is the one thing that could have propelled me forward, much faster than I was able to go on my own?

You know what it is? It's pretty simple, actually. I could have really used someone who was a few steps ahead of me. Someone who'd already been this way before, and could see what was coming before I could. And especially, someone who had a good map of the road ahead!

Then I started thinking about how I could support my community in the best way possible, and I decided to offer a new program where I could personally mentor Advanced Travel Agents and share with them everything I know about the path to building a successful travel business.

So now I'm introducing...


Monthly Mentor Program for Advanced Travel Agents

My intention in 2020 is for this program to truly make an IMPACT on your business. I have spent the last year working with Travel Agents and I've redesigned my programs to make sure that I serve you in the best way possible.

I know that over the next year, you are going to need someone to:

  • Be Your Sounding Board & Your Cheerleader
  • Teach You What is Most Important to Focus On as You Grow
  • Provide the Marketing Expertise You Need to Take it to the Next Level
  • Help You Brainstorm Ideas and Solutions
  • Provide Emotional Support & Sound Advice When You Face Challenges
  • Encourage You to Care for Yourself, So You Can Grow Your Business


I would love to be this person for you and provide you with a community of like-minded agents who you can always lean on for support. I believe we are all stronger when we support each other!


IMPACT 2.0 is a Mentorship Program with Monthly Group Coaching Calls and a private Facebook Community. I plan to teach you everything you need to know to take your business to the next level in 2020!

We will focus on topics such as:

  • Mindset & Goal Planning
  • What You're Selling, How You're Selling It, and Who You're Selling To
  • How to Attract Your Ideal Client
  • Documenting Your Processes & Workflows to Streamline Your Business
  • Automating Email Marketing, Social Media & More - Saving You Tons of Time
  • Hosting Facebook Groups the Right Way
  • Advertising & Getting More Traffic to Your Business
  • Advanced Business Tools to Take You Even Further... and More!

I would be honored to be your mentor. To help you avoid the pitfalls common at this stage in your business, and to help your business shine! 

I am confident that working together, we will see your business thriving in 2020!

So, I cordially invite you to join me in the IMPACT 2.0 Monthly Mentorship Program. 

This Mentorship Program is the lifeline you need to help you take your business to the next level.


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I have successfully grown my travel business, Travel Divas®, to a multi-million dollar travel company for the last 4 years. The first quarter of 2019, I had over $1.3 million dollars in sales. The most confusing part of starting a travel business is what to focus on, creating strategy, and building momentum. Stop trying to piece together all these things you are reading on the internet. Let me give you a true, proven framework that creates a massive audience and helps you make some serious money. Let's get you focused and on the path to a successful travel business.

Shanterria Earley, Founder of Travel Divas®


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